Justice and Peace

Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation
A call to act justly and live in cosmic harmony and peace

He came a helpless Babe to the little and the great,

He came as King of heaven and earth to the whole of the cosmos,

The shepherds heard his cry, the Kings came carrying their gifts,

He came as a Light to a darkened world, to a people who did not
recognise Him.

He comes today to the little and the great,

He comes to sow peace in our hearts in a war torn world,

No weapons, no violence, no discrimination, no rejection,

His only arms stretched out on the Cross to welcome and embrace all.

Is this the Justice, the Peace, the Integrity we are waiting for?

  • let’s lay down the arms,
  • let’s speak words of peace and love,
  • let’s remember that all are equal, children of a Saviour God,
  • let’s raise our minds and hearts with Mary in her hymn of praise,
  • Let’s once again in unison sing,
    Maranatha‘, ‘Come, Lord Jesus Come!’