Where we are

France was the cradle of the Marist Sisters’ Congregation and today they are in many countries of the world structured in the following manner.

SM – Structure

The Superior General who lives in Rome holds the responsibility for the Congregation as a whole and is entrusted with the privilege of ensuring that the Charism handed down from our Founders becomes a living reality in today’s church and world.

The Regional Superiors hold canonical responsibility for the sisters in the various Sectors or countries. In each country there is a Sector Leader and a number of communities.

Our historical centre known as ‘The Jeanne Marie Chavoin Centre’ is based in Belley, France and many sisters go there to do research and be renewed in the spirit of the Founders.

At community level Marist Sisters strive to be creative in seeking out ways to express Marist living, ways which will establish psychological and spiritual bonding with Mary.

“To be a Marist Sister is to be called by gracious choice
to follow Christ in Mary’s way recognizing her as Mother, model and first and perpetual Superior.” (Const.2)

The sisters engage in a variety of ministries; teaching, nursing, social work, parish ministry chaplaincies, catechetics, retreat work. Many sisters who are retired continue to minister in Mary’s way through prayer and suffering.

Marist Sisters choose ministries where there is the possibility of fostering the “new church” (People of God), the Marian face of the church, showing the tenderness and compassion of God to those struggling to believe or belong, collaborating with, and enabling others to take up their role in the church and in society.