Unexpected Beauty

If we have a mind and a heart full of God, the world will not be able to invade our essence with carnal desires and vandals, we can be sure that giving Him all our voids …

In the millennial era in which we live, physical beauty is highly valued, perhaps it could be said that it is a factor that can “qualify” you as a person or give you a special status. It is true that physical beauty can be a very hoarding trait and this may be a factor that gives exclusivity when it comes to achieving many things in life, but is it the correct or sensible way to achieve things? Not! There is no merit in the lack of effort. However, it is we who are guilty of having given such position and priority to physical beauty.

Many might ask: Is physical beauty the peak of success? It is not! This beauty that we long for and long for is simply a characteristic that is part of who we are as people.

This generation is full of desires to excel, to empower and emerge; This generation is devouring everything it sees in its path, and it does not do its due digestion to discriminate what is convenient and what is not, the population daily feeds on all the advertising it sees, it feeds on movies, music, literature and others … To this we must add the technological influence that today is “necessary to live”.

Everything! Everything highlights the importance of beauty, everything in the world is talking about a need to have beauty. This is simply a vile lie that teaches that the more beauty you have, the greater opportunities and possibilities there will be, the more beauty we reflect, the greater our happiness; the world sells us a pink life, a life with a fairy tale ending, a life of Disney princesses and princes; but the reality is totally different.

Human beings by nature are very complex and setting our goal or believing that we will achieve success through beauty is just a placebo of true reality.
Every day we label everything that surrounds us and surely a large percentage of the population has complexes for the word “ugly”, often saying this word triggers severe consequences, including a life full of ridicule, bullyng and frustrations. However, King Solomon tells us that beauty is deceptive and beauty is vain (Prov. 31: 30a RVC), but these words of truth have been forgotten and we have become vain, empty and deceitful, doing the opposite of what the Bible tells us.

We usually put a layer of makeup so deep that it does not allow us to show the true beauty that God has given us and it is not something that applies only to women since men today become as or more vain than women and this only To seek identity and “unique” beauty, the problem is that we are all cheap copies of what consumerism has implanted in our heads as an immovable chip. Physical beauty is just a global lie, fleeting and harmful! (Eccle 1: 2 NRSV)

Today it is natural for love relationships to be based on physical attraction. Women and men constantly look for a pretty face and a good body, there is a whole check list with points to keep in mind to start a relationship; the funny thing is that most of the aspects are superficial and what they don’t ask is if that person has good feelings and good intentions, if she is going to love without any conditions, if that pretty face is finished when she takes off her There is a fine line between physical attraction, passion and true love, this is why there is so much love failure in this generation because what governs their lives are only schemes interposed by the world.

Everything that the world offers us tells us about labels and schemes, it tells us that if you sleep with many women you are really a man, that if you professionally wipe off your makeup, that if you do cosmetic surgeries you will achieve perfection, that if you do a thousand diets you will have a healthy life. I could go on and on … But, it’s about understanding that God made us in his image and likeness, that is, we are physically perfect just as he made us, He thought in every detail and we don’t need to be a stereotype that is sold on the street and that is just around the corner (Gn. 1:26 NTV).

If we have a mind and heart full of God, the world will not be able to invade our essence with carnal desires and vandals, we can be sure that by giving Him all our emptiness we will become aware of the world around us, we can become people who know They love themselves so much that they do not waste their time in such things, because they understand that the creator of everything has already taken that time to give us their own identity and beauty and that we only find in Christ.

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