Is Integrity Out?

Integrity is a virtue that is out of fashion today. It seems that being whole does not fit in this globalized and modern world.

The term integrity comes from the full word that in its Hebrew origin is (טּﬦ (tom and means: to be complete, innocence, perfect, without defect, rightly (act), simplicity and prosperity among others.

We could choose any one of these meanings to develop an interesting theme and move closer to understanding what should become part of the character of a mature Christian. However, we need to analyze how integrity is seen in today’s world and what value it gives it in its scale of values ​​in order to reflect.

According to Transparency International (TI), Venezuela and Nicaragua are the most corrupt countries in Latin America, while Uruguay and Chile stand out for their low levels of corruption, and in their report published in January this year, the Corruption Perception Index Global analysis of 183 countries revealed that Somalia and Syria are the most corrupt in the world, while Denmark and New Zealand are the most transparent. In the global ranking, after Denmark and New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland stand out, with 85 points each, followed by Norway (84), the Netherlands (82), Canada and Luxembourg (81), Germany and the United Kingdom. United (80) and Colombia is in the 37th ranking above countries like Brazil, El Salvador and Peru (35), Ecuador (34), Dominican Republic (30), Bolivia, Honduras and Paraguay (29),*.   Integrity in this world today is sent to collect. Today they say good to bad and good they say bad and being upright today is synonymous with stupidity.

But what does the Bible say about integrity? Has it gone out of style and out of tune? Christians are still called to be upright; to set aloft the name of God on earth. To bear the fruits of true repentance that exalt the glory of God. As someone said in an article, “Christians should be those who do not allow themselves to be corrupted, who do not allow themselves to be bribed, who have no shadow of doubt and who keep our word because we serve God before men.”

It is a challenge to live with integrity in a world where the corrupt seem to be favored, and where the values ​​are changed, for not deepening our fight with our own sinful nature.

But there is a welcome reward for those who want to remain whole and make a difference by being a worthy ambassador of the Lord Jesus. There are many promises for those who choose to be, and there is enough consolation and hope to continue our journey and remain blameless until the coming of our Lord,  «And who is the one who can harm you, if you follow good? But also if you suffer anything for the sake of justice, blessed are you. Therefore, do not be afraid of them, nor be troubled, but sanctify God the Lord in your hearts, and always be prepared to present defense with meekness and reverence before all those who demand reason of the hope that is in you. ; having a good conscience, so that in what they gossip about you as evildoers, those who slander your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed. Because it is better that you suffer doing good, if the will of God so desires, than doing evil. For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, to bring us to God, being truly dead in the flesh,«.

Live with integrity. Don’t let the world permeate your mind, your heart, your principles. Today you decide to be unique and get out of the pile. Follow the example of Jesus who was tempted in everything but without sin and one day you will be able to enjoy his full and absolute presence as promised in Psalm 37:37,   Consider the upright, and look at the righteous; Because there is a happy ending for the man of peace.

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