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The Congregation of Mary, Marist Sisters, is an apostolic congregation of pontifical right.

“The Spirit of Mary is something most delicate and most profound,
obtained only through sustained meditation and prayer.” Fr Colin.

Jeanne Marie Chavoin, Foundress

Jeanne Marie Chavoin was born in Coutouvre France on 29th of August 1786

Who is she?

* A young woman of her own time and culture.
* A woman of deep compassion tending to the needs of children, the sick, the aged and those on the margin of society
* A woman of great love and constant prayer
“It was at the foot of the Tabernacle that Jeanne Marie imbibed the strength of soul that enabled her to overcome so many obstacles”

* A woman with a strong desire to give herself totally to God, always trusting in his providence
* A woman who with her friend Marie Jotillon responding to the call of the Colin brothers, Fathers Jean Claude and Jean Pierre, left home and family to lay the foundation stone of the feminine branch of the Society of Mary
* A woman who on the 8th of December 1824 together with eight other young women from Cerdon, France, made her first commitment as a Marist Sister and took up her role as Superior of the first Marist Community
* A woman with her eyes fixed on Mary mother of God as her mother and model
* A woman with a mission to accomplish,’ to be the presence of Mary in the world of her day’
* A woman of profound wisdom, insight and discretion
* A woman who continues to call her daughters to a life of humility, service, prayer, sacrifice, peace building, gratitude, simplicity, poverty and a love of work
* A woman who calls all to feel,to think, to judge and to act like Mary.
Jeanne Marie died on 29 of June 1858 with these words on her lips:
“Look, child, she is your mother,
You must promise her inviolable fidelity.
A Marist Sister’s sole desire should be,
To resemble the little family at Nazareth, there she will find the perfect models of
Poverty, simplicity and love of work.