Why Can Not I Be Happy?

Who does not want to be happy? Happiness is something we all want to experience, we long to enjoy life. Neither starts a project to experience failure or sadness, or makes the decision to get married to be unhappy. God, who knows our need, gave us the key to experience happiness.

Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount ( Matthew 5: 1-12 ) explained how to be completely happy. Matthew 5: 3 says: God blesses those who are poor in spirit and realize their need for him.  A happy person recognizes his need for God.

The first part of V.3 says: God bless or Blessed (in other versions), which means happy or happy. It explains the difference between the happiness that the world causes and that which someone experiences when seeking God.

He goes on to explain that He blesses the poor in spirit and does not refer to someone with low self-esteem or a shy person. It refers to those who recognize their inability to approach God and who can only achieve it by His grace, that is, those who humbly recognize that without God they are completely lost.

The proud, on the other hand, are blinded by their ego, riches, achievements, etc. And it is impossible for them to accept that they need God, they think that God must accept them as they are because they “deserve” it.

As a result of this, a proud person can never be happy.  You will never accept that you need God to complement and gladden your heart. You will never be able to fully trust God without trusting in your abilities and resources. He will not be able to see others as superior to himself. ( Philippians 2: 3- Romans 12: 3 ).

So how can we be really happy?

  1. Leaving pride: Pride is giving ourselves credit for something God did. We must give glory to God because He deserves it, seek Him and know Him more and more.
  2. Recognizing the need: We all have a need for God, He must be present in every area of ​​our life. We need your love, forgiveness and presence.

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