How to Have a Relationship With God?

It is important that we grow in our relationship with God, we must not only know him by what we hear in the church or our study group, we must learn to listen to him and live close to him.

You can put into practice some of the following practices that will help you establish your relationship with God.

  1. Read the Bible. If you are not used to reading it yet, you can read the devotional that we send weekly or download it here . You can also take notes in an agenda of what has impacted you the most during your daily reading , so it will be easier to remember what God is talking about.
  2. Pray Just as we talk to our friends and family, let’s talk to God . We can thank you and deliver our concerns and requests. Have a list of the reasons for thanks and requests you have, put the date when you started to pray and when you received a response from God.
  3. Memorize your favorite verses. This will allow you to tell your friends and family more convincingly what God has taught you and it will be easier to endure a difficult test or moment if you constantly remember God’s word.

We encourage you to get to know God more closely and really by having a close relationship with Him.

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