7 Questions to Study the Bible

Sometimes we want to deepen our daily Bible reading and study the verses that catch our attention.

Here is a study method created by Pastor Matt Rogers to encourage small group study. It is a way to interpret what the Bible says, its historical context and how it can be applied to daily life. In theology this process is known as “Exegesis”.

The study method is accompanied by 7 arrows that represent seven questions that you can ask yourself to better understand a biblical passage:

What does the Passage say? 

What did this passage mean for the audience for which it was written?  

What does this passage say about God? 

What does this passage say about man? 

What does this passage demand of me? 

How does this passage change the way I relate to others? 

For what reason does this passage invite me to pray? 

We encourage you to study your Bible and to understand in depth what God wants to tell us through it. Find a time when you can be alone with Him, read, ask for forgiveness, and pray for your needs and those of others. You can also get involved in the activities that we have planned as a Church to know God together ( Groups i , Formation School and our meeting every Sunday )

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